Monday, August 11, 2008

Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp

Frequencies for Pittsburgh Steelers training camp in Latrobe :
460.975 - PL 71.9 - Simplex - Ch. 1
461.550 - PL 218.1 - Simplex - Main freq. Steelers security, parking, carts, and on field personnel.
466.275 - PL 82.5 - Simplex - Ops. Not used much.
467.175 - PL 67.0 - Simplex - Ops. Coordination of players for media.
467.925 - PL 127.3 - Simplex - Ops. Not used much.

These are all frequencies that have been used before. No new hits with signal stalker.

One interesting note is that they were using the QB and defensive radios for one series of drills. It appears the NFL is sharing the frequency that is used by the teams QB helmet with the defense. They use two different DPL's for each side (offense and defense). Looking at my notes it looks as if they have changed the DPL's being used as well. Neither DPL being used was one that I have logged for that frequency. I was going to do a search for new licenses for the NFL, but it appears that is not necessary. It makes sense to do it the way the are.

Some frequencies for St. Vincent College :
461.425 - PL 141.3 - Repeater - Security
464.950 - PL 118.8 - Repeater - Maintenance
464.975 - PL 141.3 - Repeater - Maintenance

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