Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pages Updated

Updates for the following pages have been uploaded :
Allegheny County Scanning Page
Allegheny County Scanning Page Updates
Allegheny County Listing By Frequency
Allegheny County Communities
Allegheny County Dispatch By Zones
Allegheny County Dispatch By Zone Updates Page
Allegheny County Fire And EMS Tones Abbreviations Page

Friday, March 7, 2014

Findlay Police

Findlay Police - 460.150 - P25 NAC 293 - They are using P25 at times.

This one is a little odd. I have heard the base dispatching in P25, and the cars in analog. I have heard only one half of the conversation using P25.

Bethel Park School District

Bethel Park School District - 464.675 - DMR - Buses TG 1, Maintenance TG 2. Color Code 2

Baldwin- Whitehall School District

Baldwin-Whitehall School District - 464.7875 - NXDN96 - Buses