Thursday, August 28, 2008

Football frequencies

Last pre season game of the year. Some freqs found at the game.

460.975 - UNK PL/ DPL - Simplex. This has been used at the stadium before. It is not very active, and appears to belong to the Steelers. Tonight it was used to coordinate the half time kicking activity and mics to the field. This freq with PL 71.9 is used at training camp

452.1125 - UNK PL/ DPL - Simplex - CCAC Allegheny campus security.

462.325 - PL 67.0 - Repeater - Station Square operations

460.7125 - UNK PL / DPL - Simplex - This has been used for at least the past couple of years. Appears to be related to NFL and the officials.

462.0625 - DPL 251 - Repeater - Pittsburgh Steelers QB helmet. Voice inversion scrambling.

462.0625 - DPL 631 - Repeater - Pittsburgh Steelers defense radios. Voice inversion scrambling

464.7875 - DPL 074 - Repeater - Carolina Panthers QB helmet radio. Voice inversion scrambling.

464.7875 - DPL 732 - Repeater - Carolina Panthers defense radios. Voice inversion scrambling.

468.9875 - UNK PL / DPL - Simplex - Licensed to NFL. Traffic seem to be related to game.

461.550 which had been active at the stadium for years for security was quiet. This may be due to Landmark is now providing security services and may use other freqs.

I'll post more about Heinz Field later

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