Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pages Upadted

Updates for the following pages have been uploaded :
Allegheny County Communities And Services
Allegheny County Dispatch By Zones
Allegheny County Fire And EMS Dispatch Tones
Pittsburgh Area Amateur Radio Repeaters
Allegheny County EMS Stations
Pittsburgh Area Scanning Page Updates
Other Frequencies In Pennsylvania Updates
Other Frequencies In Pennsylvania (Lots of Berks County tones added)
Pittsburgh Area Scanning Page
Washington County Frequencies
Washington County Frequencies Updates Page

Added - K3FS Amateur Radio Log And QSO Map Page

New page added

I have added a new page. K3FS Amateur Radio Log And QSO Map. This page will show the last 30 QSO's and overall QSO map. Link has been added to all pages.

Ross PD

Ross PD were being simulcast on 159.150 and North PD 2 471.8625 PL 103.5. I have just finished updating the pages, and of course this simulcast is no longer in effect. I will wait and see what happens before I make any other changes

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Allegheny County East Zone EMS

Allegheny County East Zone EMS - 471.3125 PL 146.2 has been active this morning with dispatches. Not all units are responding on UHF at this point, but some are.

Medical Rescue Team South

Medical Rescue Team South has returned to 453.625 - PL 156.7 - South EMS 2
The dispatches are being simulcast over Ch. 1 471.3375 and Ch. 2 453.625. I have only been hearing the units on Ch. 2 453.625.

Allegheny County South Zone - Police

Allegheny County South Zone Police - 472.575 PL 192.8 is now active.

The old linked frequencies are no longer being used by police.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Consol Energy Arena

No traffic was heard again tonight on frequencies that were used by the old Mellon Arena.

I did hear traffic on all of the newly licensed frequencies for SMG. 461.3875, 461.6875, 463.2125, 463.4375. All frequencies were very active, and all are repeaters. I was able to hear the inputs on the Boulevard Of The Allies, and Liberty Bridge. All were digital, and not P25 compatible. Probably Motorola TBRo or Kenwood NXGen.

It looks like the new system at the Consol Energy is not able to be scanned.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

North Versailles Police

North Versailles police 460.100 - PL 141.3 - Are now using #3100.

There has been a lot of changes to police unit numbers in the past month. This has occurred for both county dispatched and self dispatched agencies. They are all oving to the same standard identification system.

I am working on updates for the pages to reflect these changes. I was thinking some radio system changes would have occurred, and was waiting for them. I will update, what has change so far soon, and not wait any further.

Consol Energy Arena

Early indications look like they are using a new Motorola TBro system. I have mot been able to hear anything on the old Mellon Arena frequencies when I was nearby. They have new licenses, and the emission designator would confirm they are using a new system that may not be monitored.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wings Over Pittsburgh 2010

Frequencies for the air show.

121.250 - AM - Air boss
123.475 - AM - Golden Knights
118.700 - AM - Air show performers
123.150 - AM - Air show performers
453.1125 - PL 131.8 - Allegheny County EMS command (Repeater)
151.685 - DPL 074 - Buses. Transport from show to parking areas.
471.225 - PL 156.7 - Greater Pittsburgh International Airport. Unsure of use. Security or maintenance. This is a new frequency for me.
154.025 - PL 107.2 - Moon PD and DPW.
467.7625 - DPL 074 - Simplex ops in the airshow.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Carbon County

Some information I received on Carbon County.
CARBON FIRE 1 TX 465.175 PL 127.3 RX 460.175 PL 127.3
CARBON FIRE 2 TX 453..025 PL 136.5 RX 458.025 PL 136.5
CARBON FIRE 3 TX 458.4875 PL 1Z RX 453.4875 PL 1Z

CARBON GOVT TX 458.725 PL 118.8 RX 453.725 PL 103.5

CARBON EMS TX 155.205 PL 156.7 RX 155.205 PL 156.7

CARBON REGIONAL TX 155.340 PL 156.7 RX 155.340 PL 156.7

CARBON PD 1 TX 156.030 PL 127.3 RX 154.800 PL 127.3

CARBON PD 2 TX 154.965 RX 154.965

CARBON PD 3 TX 155.730 RX 155.730





Friday, September 3, 2010