Sunday, November 15, 2009


The N3SH repeaters are back on the air. They have been moved to a new location, and are using a new controller.

146.955 - PL 131.8 on transmit and receive - Negative offset
442.550 - PL 131.8 on transmit and receive - Positive Offset

Allegheny County Dispatch - Nortwest - Fire

Allegheny County - Northwest - Fire - Kennedy VHF Ops - 154.220 - PL 114.8 - Simplex

Washington County Fire Zone 3

Washington County Fire Zone 3 - 151.3475 - PL 156.7 - Repeater

Fallowfield - Station 47
Lock Four - Station 22

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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Beaver News

Beaver News - 461.875 - PL 141.8 - Repeater. Sounds like paper delivery. Delivering papers and circulars that were not delivered.

Rt 88 road work

Flag men on RT 88 - 462.6125 PL 67.0. Not sure of the company that they work for.