Saturday, May 31, 2008

Site Updates

All sites have had the old counters replaced. Motigo was causing a pop up screen to occur, so I have replaced all of those counters. There should not be any pop ups with the new counter system. Please let me know if this new counter does anything funky.

I have also updated some email links that seem to have slipped by the first time I went through and did this.

The following pages have been updated :

Allegheny County Fire And EMS Tones
Allegheny County Dispatch By Zones
Other Pennsylvania Frequencies

Mon Valley Fire

Allegheny County - East Zone - Mon Valley Fire - 471.3125 PL 110.9

Versailles VFD - Station 283 (Tones 669.9 / 1217.8 And 879.0 / 1433.4)
Liberty VFD - Station 183 (Tones 879.0 / 1153.4 - Probably siren tones.)
Glassport VFD - Station 161 (Tones 634.5 / 1321.2 And 832.5 / 1217.8)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Changes To Web Pages

All pages will be changed to reflect my new call sign.

It has been brought to my attention that the Webstats4u (a free counter) code was doing some unwanted things to visitors. I am removing this code, and will be using another counter, that so far has shown no signs of doing anything unwanted.

Pages will be updated and uploaded over the next few days.