Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pages Updated

Updates for the following pages have been uploaded :
Allegheny Dispatch By Zones
Allegheny County Communities
Allegheny County Fire Stations
Allegheny County Fire And EMS Tones
Allegheny County Trunked Systems
Allegheny County Listing By Frequency
Allegheny County County Scanning Page

The Events Calendar has been fixed
The forums has been fixed. You are now able to sign up for the forums again.
The events calendar, forums, survey, and guest book, have all been updated to the new look. You will now be directed to the updated site when you visit any of those areas.
The Yahoo group is now updated, and there is a link to it on the new pages.

I still have to work on updating the QSL cards page to the new look. Once that is done, and the download files are updated the site will completely convert over to the new style. You can use the new style pages by changing any page from .html to .php.

Friday, July 10, 2015

West Mifflin Fire

West Mifflin fire departments are now dispatched by Allegheny County 911 on East Zone.
Fire Dispatch - 470.3875 PL 123.0
Fire Ops 4 - 470.4125 PL 103.5

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Three Rivers Regatta

The Three Rivers Regatta and most special events in the city have been using the Pittsburgh trunked system. This includes the marathon, and the arts festival.

The Special Events talk groups are :
54048 - Special Events 1
54064 - Special Events 2
54080 - Special Events 3
54096 - Special Events 4

Pyrotechnica was using 464.550 PL 167.9 for set up on the barges.

The Pittsburgh Marathon also includes some UHF digital radios