Tuesday, February 22, 2011


PGHscanner.com has been launched. The use of the domain, and the new server, should allow for some new features that I could not use before.

The PGHScanner blog should be functional soon.

The pages have been uploaded. I have only done some minor standardizing, and rewording. The files page is currently empty. The files were old and outdated anyway. I am working on the files, and will upload new files soon.

Any comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pages Updated

Updates for the following pages have been uploaded :
Allegheny County Communities
Allegheny County Dispatch By Zone
Allegheny County Fire And EMS Tones
Allegheny County EMS Stations
K3FS Pittsburgh Area Scanning Page
Updates To K3FS Pittsburgh Area Scanning Page
Frequencies To Other Areas Of Pennsylvania
Updates To Frequencies To Other Areas Of Pennsylvania
Washington County Frequencies
Updates To Washington County Frequencies

There will be a major update regarding the site soon. I'm working on something new, that will allow for more features.