Sunday, February 14, 2010

TRMA Meeting

This Weds (2/17) will be the monthly gathering at the King's at the Water Works at 1930. See you there.


The first ham fest of the season is only a couple of weeks away. Wireless Association Of South Hills, WASH fest will be on Sunday, Feb 28. Doors open at 0800. More information is on their site :

Thursday, February 4, 2010

LTR Systems

LTR Systems and all other trunking systems have been reconfirmed, and updated. The update should be uploaded soon.

The 937 unknown LTR system is no longer active.

The Crown 454 LTR system looks to actually be licensed to Schuylkill Mobile Phone, with the transmitters located on the KDKA tower.

Added Hempfield School District LTR :
LCN 1 - 464.600
LCN 5 - 464.7875
LCN 9 - 463.650

Talk Groups :
0-05-100 - Unknown
0-05-110 - Unknown
0-05-141 - Unknown

A couple of new LTR frequencies were found by Rich, K3RWN. These appear o be a two channel LTR system. The LCNs are known, but which frequency is which, is still being worked on.

LCN 11 - 451.275
LCN 13 - 451.725

Talk Groups :

I am hoping to add the unit IDs to the trunking page. There are quite a few of them, and this will take some time.