Thursday, May 12, 2016

Allegheny County DPW

Brian N3SGU passed along the following information on Allegheny County DPW

District 1 is on Wildwood Rd next to North Park
District 2 is on Campbells Run Rd in Carnegie
District 3 is on Rail Road St in Penn Hills
District 4 is on Lovedale Rd in Elizabeth
District 5 is located in South Park
District 6 is no longer in use
District 7 is under the 40th St Bridge in Lawrenceville
District 8 is on Buttermilk Hollow in West Mifflin

Numbering is as follows
X- is the district number
X-0 is district base
X-1 is district supervisor
X-2 to 19 are district pick up trucks
X-20 to 29 are district single axle dumps
X-30 to 39 are district tandems
X-40 is district street sweeper

Paving trucks do not have a district

Parks also have trucks they use the following prefixes :
North Park - NP
South Park - SP
Boyce Park - BP
Harrison Hills - HH
Round Hill - RH
White Oak - WO
Hartwood - HW
Deer Lakes - DL
The Parks dump trucks are also used for snow removal. 

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