Sunday, December 2, 2012 Site Update

New pages have been added :

Amateur Radio Links
K3FS Station - QSL Policy - Log Search
QSl Cards Received

Changes made to the site :
Guest Book is now on the PGHScanner servers
Survey is now on the PGHScanner servbers
PGHScanner Forums moved to the PGHScanner servers
PGHScanner  Blog moved to PGHScanner servers

The moving of these things to PGHScanner servers makes the site more streamlined. Both the guest book and forums have been improved, and should be easier to use.

All of the old postings have been imported to the new blog. This will eventually be the only blog that will be updated.

The Events Calendar is now working again.

Eventually the QSL site will not be able to support the changes being made. At that point QSL site will be phased out. I would encourage all to update the links to as all updates and changes will definitely be supported there.

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