Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Allegheny Counrty EMS Response Codes

Allegheny County EMS dispatch priority E codes :

E0 - Imminent life threatening and reinforced ALS response is indicated.
E1 - Critical emergency and ALS response is indicated.
E2 - Non life threatening emergency an ALS response is indicated
E3 - A BLS emergency. No ALS is needed.
E4 - A non-emergency situation that does not require an ambulance.

P (Priority) codes used by EMS when transporting to hospital

P1 - Transporting using emergency warning systems and extra personnel
P2 - Transporting using emergency warning systems.
P3 - Transport not using emergency warning systems.

When EMS is dispatched they will be given an E code for response. After EMS arrives, and is ready to transport they will report their patients condition as E code and response as P cade. For example they will give - Transporting to Rampart E1 P1.

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