Friday, March 2, 2012

Allegheny County Updates

I received this email :

Hi Frank,

Just wanted to pass along a few more updates you can post to when you get a chance...

---Springdale Boro EMS (Station 230) went out of service last July, and the Boro is now covered by Lower Valley EMS (Station 150)

---I also believe Versailles VFD stopped their volunteer EMS service as well (Station 650). All EMS calls I've heard over the past several months have all been covered by Elizabeth Township Area EMS (Station 520), with the fire department QRS 286 being dispatched as well.

I confirmed tonight that Elizabeth Area EMS, station 520 is now covering Versailles. Versailles station 286 is rolling a squad first responder. Squad 286 is dispatched on the East Fire channel, and responds on South EMS channel. I will make the updates to reflect station 650 as being closed.

I have also not heard PACER EMS Response, station 920 for a while. I believe that this station is out of service as well. I will update the site to reflect this station as out of service.

The Allegheny County Web site does list Lower Valley as the EMS agency for Springdale Boro.

Thanks to the local user for bringing this to my attention. I will confirm the Springdale Boro information and update that as soon as I can.

I try post any frequency information submitted to me on the Blog. Please let me know if you want your name mentioned with your information, or if you would prefer it not be posted at all. I will only place information that I can confirm on the web pages. This is part of the reason why continues to grow, and be up to date.

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