Sunday, January 15, 2012

Washington County Update

I received this update regarding Washington County.

Under Zone 2, Burgettstown police is now covered part time by Mcdonald police and their call sign is 1235

Midway Borough disbanded their police and Mcdonald now does full-time coverage for them, no special call sign for them, just using 12xx as the call sign

Under Zone 3 Bentleyville and Cokeburg Boroughs have part time police coverage by Southwest Regional Police and the call sign is 5835 for both municipalities

Union Township has also started part time coverage by Southwest Regional Police, and their call sign is 5837

Also on Zone 3 you have unit 17 listed as Stockdale, it is actually RESA, 17 covers 5 Municipalities, Roscoe, Elco, Stockdale, Allenport, and Dunlevy

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