Friday, December 2, 2011

PGHScanner Updated

I am working on some minor changes in the nav-bar. I have updated the links in the Blog. The 396XT files have been uploaded to the site,

I just picked up a GRE- PSR200U today. I needed a cheap, easy to use scanner that had PL/DPL capabilities. This will be used to monitor the Allegheny County South Zone. I wish it had Alpha tags, but for under $90 I can't complain. This radio will mostly be used by my wife to listen to local happenings. She will usually turn on a radio to hear what is going on when she hears sirens. This is loaded with the local frequencies, and only the bank needed is active. I may upload a file for this radio to the file section.

Anyone interested in a Pro-58, let me know. This is a no frills 10 channel radio, that initially served the purpose. Due to narrow banding, I was now getting Penn Hills Police on with South Police. The radio served me well for 17 years. Free to anyone who is interested. Email me, and we can work out delivery options.

The Yaesu VX7R file is being updated, and will be uploaded once that is done.

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