Tuesday, February 22, 2011


PGHscanner.com has been launched. The use of the domain, and the new server, should allow for some new features that I could not use before.

The PGHScanner blog should be functional soon.

The pages have been uploaded. I have only done some minor standardizing, and rewording. The files page is currently empty. The files were old and outdated anyway. I am working on the files, and will upload new files soon.

Any comments and suggestions are welcomed.


KB3HFP said...

Glad to hear it! If you'd like, I can point my old pghscan.com domain your way. Other obligations caused me to abandon that project a couple years back.

K3FS said...

Sure. Thanks for the offer. I was thinking you would get back to your site in a couple of years. I'll be at the WASH Fest this weekend