Thursday, January 28, 2010

Allegheny County Dispatch - East Fire

Allegheny County East Fire - 470.3875 PL 123.0

There has been testing on this lately. Today radio service was talking about turning on the link. Tonight this seems to be linked with 472.5875 PL 136.5, and 472.8375 PL 156.7. These two have used 475.5875 for the input to the linked system.

From the sounds of the testing, this is primarily to serve the Penn Hills region.

Tonight this is linked, and now Penn Hills fire dispatches are going through the system. Penn Hills is still responding on VHF 154.400 PL 146.2.

During testing last night they were referring to Ops 2. There was some testing on 470.325 PL 146.3, and they switched back to Ch. 1 which was 470.3875.

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